This research group focuses on behavioral and psychosocial aspects of physical activity and exercise, nutrition and eating behavior, and obesity/weight control.

Self-Regulation  in  Physical Activity, Nutrition and Obesity



Overview of Research Program


The study of motivational, self-regulatory, and behavioral predictors of healthful eating, physical activity, and weight control .


The design, evaluation and implementation of health behavior change (HBC) interventions, using self-regulation and motivation theory, namely self-determination theory.


The role of physical activity/exercise behaviors in weight management, namely its association with weight-related outcomes, body image, and psychological well-being.


Developing measurement instruments to capture self-regulation, motivation, physical activity/exercise, and eating behaviors, building a national repository available in open and free access.

Highlighted News

27 / 11 / 2018

PANO Research Group at the 22nd Portuguese Congress on Obesity (SPEO)

PANO Research Group was massively represented at the 22nd Portuguese Congress on Obesity (SPEO), in Lisbon. António Palmeira, Inês Santos, Jorge Encantado and Catarina Luís organised a Symposium on behalf of the NoHoW Consortium, where last years' efforts conducting a Randomised Controlled Trial using Digital Tools for supporting weight-loss maintenance were presented. Additionally, Inês Santos participated in a Symposium, organised by the SPEO’ Special Interest Group in Nutrition, on the nutritional intervention in non-surgical obese individuals; Marlene Silva presented the subject of "Obesity and Social Stigma" and was also involved in the Symposium dedicated to the Portuguese National Program for the Promotion of Physical Activity (PNPAF-DGS). Eliana Carraça also participated in a Symposium dedicated to Psychology with a presentation entitled "Treatment Predictors: clues to the intervention".

PANO Research Group at the 22nd Portuguese Congress on Obesity (SPEO)
12 / 11 / 2018

EuroFIT Launch Event in Brussels

The EuroFIT Launch Event held at Scotland House in Brussels on 31 October 2018 to celebrate the success of the research project and to learn how the ground-breaking programme will be rolled out across Europe.

EuroFIT Coordinator Prof Sally Wyke commented, “The launch of EuroFIT into the real world of football and public health was a great success.  Over 70 people from different countries and organisation came together.  We have scientific evidence of effectiveness and cost-effectiveness and research-based guidelines on how to deliver the programme in football clubs.  We have a pragmatic, inexpensive, not-for-profit licensing system that will protect the fidelity of the programme and ensure that outcomes are the same.  All in all a great investment from the European Commission.” For more information click HERE.

EuroFIT Launch Event in Brussels
24 / 10 / 2018

EuroFIT Consortium at ISPAH 2018 Congress

On October 16th, Marlene Silva and EuroFIT Consortium presented a Symposium at ISPAH congress entitled "Increasing physical activity in overweight football fans: The role of motivational theory in promoting physically active lifestyles in the EuroFIT program". The purposes of this talk were to describe how constructs from motivational theory (Self-Determination and Achievement Goal Theories) were used to inform EuroFIT intervention strategies, and to report on whether the program impacted motivational targets. More information about the congress HERE.

EuroFIT Consortium at ISPAH 2018 Congress
04 / 10 / 2018

Jorge Encantado at the EASO NIU Autumn School 2018

On October 1-3 the New Investigators United Autumn School organised by the European Association for the Study of Obesity took place at Palma de Mallorca. Jorge Encantado was selected to participate in this event focusing on ‘Hot Topics in Obesity’ with sessions addressing the key issues in research, treatment and public health. Teaching was delivered by European experts and included both lectures and practical training. More information about this event HERE.

Jorge Encantado at the EASO NIU Autumn School 2018
14 / 09 / 2018

NoHoW Consortium meets at Leeds University

NoHoW consortium meeting at Leeds University

The University of Leeds hosted one more NoHoW consortium meeting during the last month (September 11-13). The meeting outline involved data handling, publication planning, discussions on the dissemination of the project findings, and funding priorities. More information about NoHoW HERE.


NoHoW Consortium meets at Leeds University
25 / 08 / 2018

EuroFIT delivered at the City of Football

The Portuguese Football Federation, as a sponsor of the EuroFIT Portuguese pilots, and to establish the social norm in Portugal by being an example to football clubs, hosted the EuroFIT program at the City of Football facilities. Eighteen participants, overweight and sedentary men, managers and staff from small football clubs, participated in the program. The feedback was extremely positive. Reed more on this HERE.

EuroFIT delivered at the City of Football

Highlighted Publications