Marta Marques


Marta Marques

Collaborating Researcher


· PhD Health Psychology, Leiden University, The Netherlands (2014)

· MSc Health Psychology (pre-bologna), ISPA- University Institute, Portugal (2008)

· Post graduation Sport and Exercise Psychology, ISPA, Portugal (2006)

· First degree in Applied Psychology (Clinical Psychology; pre-bologna - 5 years), ISPA, Portugal (2005)



· Chartered Psychologist (Portuguese Order of Psychologists, Nº 945)

· Postgraduate training in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (2009-2012)

· Advanced Training in Motivational Interviewing



· Testing and developing theory-based health behavior change interventions targeting people with or at risk of chronic disease and healthcare professionals

· Motivational and self-regulation processes underlying health behavior change and maintenance

· Applied meta-analysis and process evaluation in interventions

· Developing and testing psychosocial measures for health behaviors




· 2015 - Present: Post-Doctoral Fellow. Individual Post-doctoral Grant by the Portuguese Science Foundation (SFRH/BPD/105127/2014). Project: Promoting physical activity adherence in patients with Type 2 Diabetes: A trial of behavior change skills training for healthcare professionals.

· 2013-2014: Research Assistant, Faculty of Human Kinetics, University of Lisbon, Portugal.

· 2009-2013: Individual Doctoral Grant funded by the Portuguese Science Foundation (SFRH/BD/47579/2008). Project: Self-regulation, Physical Activity and Unexplained Chronic Fatigue: From determinants to interventions. Supervisors: Prof. Stan Maes and Dr. Véronique de Gucht (Leiden University, The Netherlands).

· 2009-2013: Research Assistant, Health Psychology Research Unit, ISPA, Portugal

· 2005-2008: Research collaborator, Department of Psychology of Sports and Physical Activity, ISPA, Portugal

 Teaching (Invited)

· 2010-Present: MSc in Health Psychology, Course: Introduction to Health Psychology, ISPA, Portugal

· 2012-2015: MSc in Health Psychology, Course: Health Promotion, ISPA, Portugal

· 2007-2013: Post graduate course in Sport and Exercise Psychology; Course: Behavior change interventions

· Co-supervison of BA and MSc Dissertations in Health Psychology at ISPA, Portugal



Peer Reviewed Articles

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  1. Marques M. (2015). Self-Regulation, Physical Activity and Unexplained Chronic Fatigue: From Determinants to Interventions. Doctoral Thesis, Leiden University, the Netherlands. ISBN: 9789892050829.

Book Chapters

  1. Gouveia M.J., Marques M., Carvalho C. & Almeida P. (2012). Atividade física: Uma perspetiva psicológica. In: I Leal, F. Pimenta & M. Marques (Coord.).Intervenção em Psicologia Clínica e da Saúde: Modelos e Práticas, 185-208. Lisboa: Placebo Editora.

  2. Leal I., Pimenta F. & Marques M. (2012). Introdução. In: I Leal, F. Pimenta & M. Marques (Coord.). Intervenção em Psicologia Clínica e da Saúde: Modelos e Práticas. Lisboa: Placebo Editora. 

Published/organized books or editions

  1. Leal I., Pimenta F. & Marques M. (2012). Intervenção em Psicologia Clinica e da Saúde: Modelos e Práticas. Lisboa: Placebo Editora.

  2. Leal, I., Pais-Ribeiro, J., Marques, M. & Pimenta, F. (2010). Saúde, Sexualidade e Género. Actas do 8º Congresso Nacional de Psicologia da Saúde. Lisboa: ISPA.

Special Issues (Coordination / Editorship)

  1. Co-Editor Special Issue "Motivational Interviewing" (June 2015). Marques, M. & Griva, K. (2015).  "Motivational Interviewing: Lessons Learnt and Challenges Ahead" (June 2015). The European Health Psychologist, 17(3): 99-10 (Editorial).

  2. Co-Editor Special Issue “Advances in Statistics and Methods in Health Psychology”. Marques, M. & Hamilton, K. (2014). Health Psychology and statistical methods: out with the old and in with the new. The European Health Psychologist, 16(2):36-39 (Editorial).

  3. Co-Editor Special Issue "Behavior Change in Practice"(October 2014). Peters, G-J Y. & Marques, M. (2014). Behavior change in practice: Hands-on guides for research and intervention development". The European Health Psychologist, 16(5): 138-141 (Editorial).



· European Health Psychology Society (E-courses committee chair; National Delegate)

· International Society of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity

· Portuguese Health Psychology Society

· Portuguese Order of Psychologists



· The European Health Psychologist,  Associate Editor (2013-)

· Psychology, Community & Health, Associate Editor (2013-)

· Journal of European Psychology Students, Associate Editor (2012-2013)