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Marlene N. Silva

Research Associate
Marlene Nunes Silva is a Research Associate at the University of Lisbon, Faculty of Human Kinetics, and a guest Professor at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport- Lusophone University, Lisbon. She is a clinical psychologist, post-graduated in health promotion, who received her Ph.D. in Exercise and Health in 2010, in this year she also received a Young Investigator award in Sport Sciences. Her research revolves around the field of motivational, self-regulatory and behavioral predictors of physical activity and weight control, applying self-determination theory to health behavior change interventions (in overweight adults). Motivation and training of health professionals, seeking to understand antecedents of need-supportive vs. controlling motivational practices are additional areas of interest. She has published 30 international peer-reviewed articles (h-index 14), and was a co-author of 3 international books Chapters and 1 national book. She is currently the national coordinator of EuroFIT, an European Commission funded project (FP7), designed to harness the personal connection, loyalty and attachment men feel to football and their club, to engage them in health-promoting lifestyle change programs (implemented in 15 elite European Clubs). She is also an Adjunct Director of the National Program for the Promotion of Physical Activity (Portuguese Directorate-General of Health). In the past she participated in several FCT-funded projects, namely: the PESO Study and the Portuguese National Weight Control Registry (helping in implementation and assessments); the Open-Access Repository of Self-Regulation Measures for Exercise, Eating, and Weight Control (Scientific Member).
· 2014- Invited Research Associate, Faculty of Human Kinetics, University of Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal
· 2010-2013 Pos-Doctoral Research Fellow, Faculty of Human Kinetics, University of Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal. University of Rochester, University of Rochester Medical Center
· 2010-Today Assistant Professor, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, Lusofóna University, Lisbon, Portugal
· 2010-Today Invited Assistant Professor, Faculty of Sports Sciences and Physical Education, University of Coimbra, Coimbra, Portugal
· 2006-2010 Research Fellow, Faculty of Human Kinetics of Lisbon, Portugal
· Faculty of Human Kinetics, University of Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal – Ph.D. (2010) – Sports Sciences (Exercise and Health). Dissertation Advisor: Pedro J Teixeira, Ph.D. Title: “Predictors of Exercise Adherence and Weight Control: An Application of Self-Determination Theory”
· ISPA University Institute of Applied Psychology, Lisbon, Portugal – 5-years degree (Equivalent. Masters of Science) – Clinical Psychology. Thesis Advisor: Eurico Figueiredo & Arménio Sequeira, Ph.D. Title: “Quality of Life in the rural elderly”
As Scientific Member

EUROFIT: Social Innovation to Improve Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour Through Elite European Football Clubs: European Fans in Training

European Commission FP7-HEALTH.2013.3.3-1-GA602170; 5.957.168€

Principal Investigator: Sally Wyke, Ph.D.

An Open-Access Repository of Self-Regulation Measures for Exercise, Eating, and Weight Control

FCT /  Portuguese Government, Science and Technology Foundation PTDC/DES/122395/2010; 98.684€.

Principal Investigator: Pedro J. Teixeira, Ph.D.

The PoEMA* Study: Antecedents, Mediators and Outcomes of Autonomy-Support in Fitness Clubs

*(Promotion of Exercise Motivation and Autonomy)

Principal Investigators: Marlene N. Silva, Ph.D. & António Palmeira, Ph.D.

Participation in the data collection and implementation
Physical Activity and the Self-regulation of Eating Behavior and Body Weight

FCT /  Portuguese Government, Science and Technology Foundation PTDC/DES/114867/2009; 103.000€.

Principal Investigator: Pedro J. Teixeira, Ph.D.

The Portuguese National Weight Control Registry: The Role of Physical Activity in Weight Loss and Weight Loss Maintenance

FCT / Portuguese Government, Science and Technology Foundation PTDC/DES/72317/2006, 2008-2011; 119.400€.

Principal Investigator: Pedro J. Teixeira, Ph.D.

Moderators and Mediators of Physical Activity, Body Weight, and Body Composition Change During Obesity Treatment in Women

Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia POCI-PPCDT/DES/57705/2004, 2005-2009; 43.890€.

Principal Investigator: Pedro J. Teixeira, Ph.D.

Nutrição e Actividade Física na Prevenção e Tratamento da Obesidade (Nutrition and Physical Activity in the Prevention and Treatment of Obesity)

Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, 2004; 29.000€

Co-Principal Investigators: Luís B. Sardinha, Ph.D. and Pedro J. Teixeira, Ph.D.




1. Teixeira P.J., Silva M.N. (2009). Repensar o PESO: Princípios e métodos testados para controlar o seu peso (Rethinking weight: Tested principles and methods for weight control). Lisboa: Lidel – Edições Técnicas.

Book Chapters

1. Marques M.M., Silva M.N., Palmeira A.L., Teixeira P.J. (In Press). What is theory and evidence-based health behavior change? Cruz Quebrada: Edições FMH.

2. Palmeira A.L., Silva M.N., Motivação para o treino de força e bem-estar psicológico. In Pezarat, P.,Mil-Homens, P. & Vilhena G (Eds.). Treino de Força: Fundamentos e Aplicações. Cruz Quebrada: Edições FMH.

3. Silva M.N., Teixeira P.J. (2013). Promotion of and adherence to physical activity. In Mooren, F.C., Skinner, J.S. (Eds.). Encyclopedia of Exercise Medicine in Health and Disease (pp.727-731). Berlin Heidelberg: Springer-Verlag.

4. Carraça E.V., Silva M.N., Teixeira P.J.(2013). Body image investment and self-regulation of weight control behaviors. In Sams, L.B., Keels, J.A. (Eds). Handbook on Body Image: Gender Differences, Sociocultural Influences and Health Implications (pp.257-276). New York: Science Publishers, Inc.

International Peer-Reviewed Articles

1. Silva MN, Sánchez-Oliva D, Brunet J, Williams GC, Teixeira PJ, Palmeira AL. “What goes around comes around”: Antecedents, mediators, and consequences of controlling vs. need-supportive motivational strategies used by exercise professionals. Annals of Behavioral Medicine (in press) DOI:

2. Sánchez-Oliva D., Morin A., Teixeira P.J., Carraça E.V., Palmeira A., Silva M.N. A Bifactor Exploratory Structural Equation Modeling Representation of the Structure of Need Satisfaction at Work. Journal of Vocational Behavior (in press).

3. Martinez K., Resnicow K., Williams G.C., Silva M.N., Abrahamse P., Shumway D., Wallner L., Katz S., Hawley S. (In Press). Does physician communication style impact patient report of decision quality for breast cancer treatment? Patient Education and Counseling.

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National Peer-Reviewed Articles

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· Certified trainee in Health Behavior Change (Register nº CCPFC/RFO-24239/08)

· Member of the scientific panel of the PhD program in Exercise and Health at Lusófona University

· Co-authorship in several student handbooks (e.g. Health Psychology; Psychopathology

· Ad hoc reviewer for several international peer review journal

· Advisor and co-advisor in several Master Thesis

· Organizing and scientific committee member of national conferences on sport sciences

· Community extension activities (e.g. Organization of communitarian health and weight management programs)



· Young Investigator of the Year 2010 in the Sport Sciences (Technical University of Lisbon - CGD Annual Award)

· Nomination for best poster award (European Congress of Obesity, Lyon, 2012)

· Best presentation award (SPEO - Portuguese Society for the study of obesity, Porto 2006)

· Internship report award (Clinical Psychologist in primary care health services - 2000)